Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kentucky Retreat

Just got back to Cincinatti, Ohio after spending a week just outside of Louisville Kentucky at an amazing quilt retreat.  The house we stayed in has 8 bedrooms, 4 baths and a huge area set up just for quilting.

This house had everything a quilter could want.  Where is everyone you ask?...well everyone opted not to be in my photo. Could it be because  you might spy a glimpse of the quilting frenzy in their eyes, or tosseled hair, or maybe the droopy eyes from lack of sleep? Maybe they want to hide the ten extra pounds we all put on after all of the huge meals and junk food.  Nobody will ever know. And I am sworn to secrecy!!
I did however get a snapshot of a couple of us together outside the Louisville Temple.

Tomorrow I am heading home to my own bed and my family who really missed me (not).

Happy Quilting! 


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