Monday, November 28, 2011

Amazing Pie Party

I was invited to my first pie party and wow! 
Janet aka the Pie Lady from Indiana was here in Utah visiting her children over the Thanksgiving holiday.  She hosted an amazing assortment of home made pies...enough to fill a table and serve 100 guests. 
She baked for several days with her daughter making upwards around 30 pies of all kinds....chocolate, dutch apple, candybar, rhubarb, cherry, german chocolate...and many many more!  After tasting samples enough to fill my plate, I felt the pounds inch their way on to places they shouldn't be --but it was soooo worth it!!  Cardio workout here I come. 

 This is my cute daughter who volunteered (begged really) to go along with me.  We had a yummy time!

Have a happy day!


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