Saturday, July 16, 2011

Schools Out!

      My sweet friend Diane retired this year from teaching at the school I work at.
She was not only a teacher but my mentor and trainer for Title One Tutoring. She has taught me all that I know about teaching children to read and improve their reading. 

As a thank you for being so awesome and for giving so much of herself to help and teach kids (including my son who cried when he left her class) I pieced and hand appliqued a quilt just for her titled 'Schools Out.'  The pattern is by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup. 
Many other people helped painstakingly do the hand quilting in just 2 weeks!   Diane loved the quilt!! She is worth it!

Happy Quilting!



Julie said...

That is beautiful and truly a work of love. Lucky teacher!!
Hope you are having a nice summer. See you Wednesday at quilt group.

Freebairn Family said...

I whole-heartedly agree. She was an exceptional teacher. The quilt was beautiful and such a wonderful gift. Well done!

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous quilt!!! I didn't know Quilt Soup made patterns that weren't all needle turned. Lucky woman to get one of your quilts!!


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