Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage Lingerie Ad

Did I spell that title right? Anyway, I am home from school today (I work in a school) because I lost my voice! Yesterday I sounded like- what the kids called- a frog. Today---nothing! I can squeak out a whisper and that is it. How we take our voices for granted! I can't call anyone or answer the phone...they can't hear me... I tried to go thru a drive thru for a drink...they couldn't hear me! Ughhh!
So I decided to clean my house.

I started to flip thru a stack of my grandmas old magazines and found this ad. The Happy Honeymoon Gown. The magazine was from 1970 and of all places to find it ...In the Improvement ERA ( right across from an article by Boyd K. Packer. )

For anyone who is LDS they probably know what that is. Now called the Ensign but without the ads. It made me giggle to see it there. Who would guess?

To read the ad or see it better just click on the picture

Hopefully talking soon,

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