Monday, January 25, 2010

How do I hand quilt?

I was asked recently about how I baste my quilts before hand quilting. Here is my prefered method:
I use a regular old quilting bee frame on stands. I put it up and attach my quilt.
After scavanging through my old thread, I find a bright color ( or ugly thread I want to get rid of ) so it is easy to see to remove. Using large stiches (about 1/4") I baste about 4 to 6" apart in a grid fashion over entire quilt. I like this idea better than safety pins because of the lap frame I use.
Once basted, I remove my quilt from the frame and use a lap hoop (mine is square and made of pvc pipe) as I quilt. I like to use a chalk pencil to mark my pattern before I begin quilting. But you may not want to mark the whole quilt at the beginning with chalk because it erases easily. I have also used a water solulable fabric marking pen but found that the marks came back even after washing them off.
And don't you love the pre made stencils available. You can get almost any design you want. My favorite stencil store is the Stencil Company.

I have found that using the right tools makes hand quilting alot more fun!
Happy Quilting!


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Thanks for your ideas on hand quilting. I have been wanting to start some hand quilting and have been gathering ideas. I love the looks and ease of the Q Snap frames. I've been wanting to pick up some for hand embroidery and knowing that the work well for hand quilting just clinches the deal :)

XUE said...

Greetings from Tokyo! May I ask, did you make the PVC frame yourself?


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