Thursday, February 4, 2010

Round Robin Show

Last weekend our quilt group girls headed north to Brigham City (Utah) to the Kaye Evans Round Robin quilt show. She is a local quilter who wanted to share the quilts she has aquired in round robin swaps over the last few years. We always have soo much fun!

After shopping in the local quilt store and a quick and yummy lunch at the Gristmill we headed over to see the quilts.

You may be wondering what a round robin is? let me fill you in.. .. Each person picks a pattern or finds a center for their own quilt. Each person in the group either makes a portion of the pattern or adds to the center block. They are passed around one at a time to each member.

After everyone has a turn to add to each quilt, they are given back to the owners and finished. Make sense?? It is a fun way to share your talents with others in your group and get a finished quilt top!

Tonight I get to hand off the one I have been adding to- but sorry- I can't show it... I want my little friend that it belongs to to be surprized.... She is gonna love it! I can't wait to get mine back too!

Have a happy Day!

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