Monday, May 11, 2009

Tiffany Awarded Youth Citizen of The Year for WX City

My little Tiffie! She was nominated Youth Citizen of the Year out of about 50 kids in Woods Cross. She was so excited!! This was her last year on Youth City Council, so it was perfect. She got a plaque presented by the Elks Lodge in Bountiful and will get her picture in the Clipper hopefully this week.

Tiffany has accumulated over 1000 volunteer hours over the past four years on the YCC and earned 2 presidential gold awards and one bronze for her service. This year she held the office of Youth City Recorder.

Way to go Tiff!!


Freebairn Family said...

What a great girl! I was on the Bountiful City Council, but didn't do much service - that's truly remarkable. Way to go, Tiff!

Robin said...

I did a good job of helping to raise this girl, didn't I?


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