Thursday, March 29, 2012

Field Trip to Preston, Idaho

Northward it was!!

Last week my QFF'S and I headed up to Idaho to check out a much raved about quilt store called 'Suppose" in Preston, Idaho. 

Our first stop was in Brigham City at the Village Dry Goods Quilt Shop where I spent most of my quilting fund because I found some great fabrics.  Yea! Then on northward to Logan, Utah.

We made a stop at the Bernina on Main Street  before enjoying a marvelous lunch at the Grist Mill. Can I say amazing?! Especially the giant mint brownie that found its way onto my tray for desert.  Mmmmmmm! Ok...back to quilting!

Next we stopped in to Logan's newest quilt shop, 'My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop.'   It was cute but very busy.  This is where I got my piece of turquoise and red thirties fabric.  I don't know what I will use it for but it is wonderful eye candy!!

Heading 30 minutes further North into Idaho, we went straight to the small town of Preston. Although small --they do have a big  Rodeo every summer that is quite well known...

As we drove up Preston's Main Street we found  that it was a little hard to see amongst the rest of the shops but our Quilt-dar got us there. (Radar--Quilt-dar...get it? hee hee!)

It turned out to be a very cute store. Just the kind I like with bright happy fabrics! Of course we had to take another picture.  I found a few amazing pieces there too.  And the girls in the store were so nice!! Must visit again.

Anyway, we headed home with our loot, which we all  need to use now to make projects. Really, I can't wait for the next field trip.  We have such a great time.

Happy Sewing!


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