Friday, June 3, 2011

Cutter Quilt- What to do?

*My Vintage Cutter Quilt*

What is a cutter quilt?  For those of you asking this question--A cutter quilt is a vintage (or just worn out) quilt that has small holes, stains, or have seams that are coming undone.  I found this one online and snatched it up.  It was perfect for my project! 
I cut... (I know - even though I am not emotionally attached to this quilt -it made me cringe!) 
 As I was saying....I cut the quilt to fit the size of the inside area of my picture frames + about 1" around.  I tautly wrapped the quilt piece around the cardboard insert behind the glass and taped it to it with duct tape. Then I just used the tape to secure it in the frame. Add a hanger and

There you go!!!

It's a set of vintage quilt pictures for
 my quilt room!

Happy Summer
                             Happy Quilting!!


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Georgia said...

Angie, we are related through Sarah Goode Marshall. I have sent a couple e-mails to you, with the names of people in the photo you posted of Sarah and her children. Not sure you received it. We are having a Sarah Goode Marshall Reunion this July... following is a link to my blog with more information and my e-mail address. I would love to hear from you!! By the way, my daughter is a beautiful quilter. She is the only one outside the "Quilting Guild" to stitch on their quilts. I look forward to hearing from you. Georgia


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