Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy, Busy

I realize it has been Forever since I posted.   So here I am!  I had a fabulous time over the QuiltFest weekend!  Quilt Fest was held in Midway, Utah this year.  It is a managerie of classes, judged quilts and vendors.

Quilt Fest also does fundraising for breast cancer awareness.  They have drawing for quilts and pillows and framed pictures all made from blocks donated by local guilds.  They are all bright pink of course. This year I was so excited to win one of the quilts.  Of course, I passed it on to my mom who was just diagnosed with cancer.  She loves it!  A perfect tender mercy!

So it was first the show- then a retreat in Duschene, Utah at Janice's cabin..  Where is Duschene? you ask!  Go west of Park City about another hour and a half. There it is.  Little bitty town!
At a cabin in the middle of nowhere I nestled in, the fridge full of food, with my best girlfriends- and my lovely sewing machine Ellie.  Need I say more?

Have a happy day!


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