Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Howdy! My birthday came and went. Doug n my parents took me to my favorite eat-out Texas Roadhouse for a frozen strawberry lemonade and squishy rolls. Yum! I got myself a new camera so I will be up and running now. I told my honey it was from him. hee hee. How lost I was without my camera. Halloween was fun although I didn't make one costume. We just dug deep in the costume closet and the kiddies wore what they could find. The kids were happy, I was happy- it was all good. So on to the next holiday...

Just so ya know on the 21st- Twilight comes out in theatres. I am way excited. I really liked the books (ok not so much Breaking Dawn but it was still good) and the previews look awesome. Cassie and I have already planned a Ma and Daughter date. Yea we can't wait!

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