Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reception Time!

My daughter is finally married and we are throwing her a big reception bash this weekend! Ok- by big I mean how ever many can fit in a 1/2 acre back yard but it really is going to be very nice.

I have been sewing aprons for the serving girls---finishing scrapbook pages for the guests to sign and hunting high and low for me a dress! Doesn't anybody make a cute dress that is modest and at least to the knees and that is not a size zero??? Not an easy task to find one even here in Utah. But...I did! Yea!!!

Here's a peek at the scrapbook pages I did. They are soo cute. I think scrapbooking and quilting really go hand-in hand.

Have a Happy Day!


Julie said...

Angie--you amaze me at what you get done. I hope everything goes well for the reception. The scrapbook pages are darling, and I'll bet the aprons are as well. Have a great day. Julie

Chakatoria said...

Such great effort you've put into this! I hope it goes well! I look forward to reading more from you!



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