Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cookie Decorating Night

A few days ago Tiff and I took a mini class at a neighbors house on cake decorating. And yes it was in a garage... and if you are worried... our tables and supplies were perfectly clean.

We did a good job on the cookies but me- not so much on making roses.
In fact, the peak of our excitment was when my rose(or what was supposed to be one) flew off my little decorating platform as I twirled it to add another petal and Tiff caught it as it whizzed by.
Had to be there for that one!
At least we had alot of fun and ate lots of frosting!!


Freebairn Family said...

What fun! Tiff's rose is absolutely perfect - I am astounded. You don't ever want to see a cake I've decorated. . .

Julie said...

Sounds fun, Angie. I lOVE the apron you made from quilt group. I had a RS meeting that night that I was helping with, so I wasn't able to come. I am bummed. Especially after seeing what you guys did. You are awesome. Julie


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