Saturday, September 12, 2009

I need a vacation!

My honey came home a couple of weekends ago and said "I need a vacation." I think I looked at him strange because he is already on the road all the time. But off we went to Moab.
Our friends invited us to stay at their house so we jumped at the offer. Preston Paxman- one of our dearest friends owns a fabulous business on the Colorado River. It is called
Canyonlands By Night.

They have day trips that take you down the river to see all the beautiful rock formations. Then they have the tour they are famous for. (Sorry this sounds like a commercial but it really is awesome) Before dusk you head to the dining room for a yummy homemade dinner of pulled pork, pasta salad, dutch oven potatoes and homemade rolls. Then at dusk you get on the boat and it takes you upriver a few miles and stops.

When it is dark enough the boat floats back down river as an audio presentation is played with majestic music and lights are shown along the canyon walls. It is so beautiful. You can see every star in the sky. So the mini-vacation was a hit. I came home destressed and relaxed. Thanks honey for the idea!!

While there we drove about 45 min south of Moab up the canyon, above the quakies for a ride on the four wheelers. Always exciting!

The view from the top was incredible and we saw tons of wildlife.

Here is the horney toad the kids caught- which they were forced to leave behind ( I wonder why-eew!)

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Freebairn Family said...

What a fun vacation - I've been with my parents on that boat tour and you're right, very beautiful! Nice to get away now and then - so fun!


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