Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lanyard / Scissor Keeper Tutorial

For our Quilt Group meeting this month, I am demonstrating how to make a lanyard/scissor keepers. They require a piece of 1 and 1/2" ribbon a yard in length, a covered girls hair elastic and a cute button.

First match up the two raw ends and fold them over together 1/4" and sew. Make sure you lay it around your neck, so that you get the ends the right way. You want it to lay nice and flat against you. I used white thread for demonstration purposes. You may want to coordinate the color to your ribbon.

Tie a knot in the elastic close to the metal fastener or if it doesn't have one, just close to the end leaving it so you have a small loop and a large one.

Then fold over one corner so it hangs over the side 1/2" with the raw edge up.

Holding ribbon so that you can see the folded ribbon, place the elastic knot in the center of the folded part of the ribbon and tack down the small loop. It is best to whip stitch in one place over and over intil it is fastened on good. Later the button you attach will cover the stitches on the other side.

Now fold ribbon back accross the sewn on elastic so that you have a piont at the end and the elastic is showing out where the point is. Your raw edge of your ribbon should now be down.

Whip stitch open edge of piont sewing tightly right up to elastic.

Sew one or two seams across ribbon to tack down loose edge.

Turn over and you will see where your stitches are from sewing on the elastic. This is where you will sew on your cute button.

To hook on your scissors, put elastic thru finger hole on scissors and thread ribbon through the loop.

And there you have it!! Too cute and easy. Have fun making your own!!

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