Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dessert anyone...?

The quilt group picnic was alot of fun! By each place setting was one of these ice cream dishes with a fat quarter treat, topped by fluffy topping and a cherry! Anyone would agree that to a quilter, this is as good as the real thing!!

The stitchery items that everyone brought were so cute. I got a fabulous bag that I think I even squealed over. Everyone got a candybar with a golden ticket because our theme has been , of course, CHOCOLATE!

All of the chocolate quilts were hung to show and they were awesome! Everyone added thier own touches and they were all wonderful. Thanks to all of you ladies who made the quilt and participated. And if you would like to get the chocolate quilt pattern, you can still get it in my Etsy store.

so- On to the next project...I can't wait to see what everyone does with the new pattern, The Cranky Quilt... It is fun and cranky. If you go to Beckys page you can see hers and a free tutorial, too.

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