Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's summer! Almost...

There is no place like Franklin Idaho! We spent Memorial day with my moms cousin Patricia and her family copying geneology! I love it!! We got to see Holly and Her family who live in New York and were here to take their son to the MTC. I love my family. Who else knows the true craziness we all posess and yet still loves us?

This would be the last week of school for us. My tutoring is done but I get to still spend an hour a day at the school in the lunch room until Friday...I hope I survive all the last week of school energy in the cafeteria!!

So--Hopefully summer means more time to do the things I have been neglecting like the yard, cleaning my house and of course- my sewing! I am working on another pattern which I hope to have finished this month. That may be wishful thinking.. but at least I am optimistic.

I am excited that I have sold a few of my patterns on line and at the Heritage Quilt shop in Ogden. My friend Becky also gave a free chocolate quilt pattern away on her blog. She has such creative ideas. Click on over and check out her stuff. It is so fun just to look. And if you like to sew she has a ton of links on her blog for free patterns and other giveaways!Look at this cute doll she made. Cute ! Cute !

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